Order An Ice Sculpture From An Ice Delivery Service

3 August 2021
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When you need a large amount of cubed ice, crushed ice, or even block ice, it makes sense to place an order with a local ice delivery service. You can place an order for the exact amount that you need, specify where and when you need the ice delivered, and then be confident that it will show up. It's useful to inquire what other types of ice your local ice company offers. Many companies can produce custom ice sculptures, and adding one of these decorative pieces to your event can be very impressive. Here are some ice sculpture ideas that you might want to consider.

Corporate Event

Many people order ice for corporate events. For example, you might want crushed ice that you can use to fill a tub that will hold canned and bottled drinks. An ice sculpture can be another good type of ice to order in advance of this sort of event. For example, you can have the company carve a sculpture that depicts your brand's logo. Or, if you're celebrating an anniversary, you might favor an ice sculpture that depicts the number of years you've been in business. Placing this sculpture near the entrance of your event venue will unquestionably impress your guests as they enter.

Christmas Party

A Christmas party can be a good way to celebrate the season with family and friends, as well as get everyone in the mood for the approaching holidays. If you're hosting a party in your home, consider an ice sculpture in addition to the cubed and crushed ice that you'll likely be ordering to help keep drinks and appetizers cold. There are all sorts of design options that can work well for a Christmas-themed sculpture. A sculpture in the shape of a Christmas tree can be an appealing choice, while you may also wish to consider a snowflake, reindeer, or Santa Claus shape.


An ice sculpture from a local ice delivery service can be a focal point at your wedding and serve as a good backdrop for photos throughout the day. There are all sorts of design options that can work, including your initials, the date, flowers, and more. When it comes to situating the sculpture, it can be fun to place it on a table and surround it with glasses of champagne or single-serving appetizers that your guests can take when they wish.

Contact an ice delivery service to learn more about the types of ice that it offers, including ice sculptures.