How Hamburger Moulder Equipment Can Help Your Burger Stand

6 April 2021
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If you have a hamburger stand, then there are certain types of equipment you need to have and some you want to have. One of the pieces of equipment that you should be sure you are using in your establishment is a hamburger moulder. A hamburger moulder is a piece of equipment that offers you some different meat pressing options that allow you to create a specific size and shape of hamburger patty each time. Here are some of the reasons why you want to be sure your hamburger stand is using hamburger moulder equipment

Your hamburgers will be consistently the same size

If you have people hand-pressing the burgers, then you can end up with some hamburgers that are very large and others that are very small. This may present a problem because you can have customers noticing that the person they're with got a very big burger, while they got one that's small. When you have customers paying the same price and ordering the same thing, you want the amount of meat they each get to be the same. Offering consistency in the foods you put out also helps the establishment to look more professional and as if you have strict quality control standards, which will be important to your patrons. 

Your food costs will be consistent as well

When you run a hamburger stand, it is also important for you to do your best when it comes to offering your customers quality food while maintaining control over the prices you pay for your supplies, including your meat. When you are determining the amount of meat you need to produce a specific number of hamburgers, you need to make sure more meat isn't being used than what you have calculated or your food prices will be thrown off. Also, when you use more meat than you have calculated, then you run the risk of running out of meat before your next shipment comes in and this will leave you in a bad predicament with your customers who want to order burgers you can't give them.

Your food production will run efficiently

Another great thing about having hamburger moulding equipment is that it allows the employees to quickly and easily create many hamburger patties. A good way to run the hamburger stand can be to have the cooks make the burger patties all at once and then refrigerate them during prep time. Then, when the customers come in and start ordering, the patties will all be seasoned, shaped, and ready to cook. This means the customers get their food faster and the staff won't feel overwhelmed by a long line that would get held up waiting on burgers.