3 Non-Traditional Meats You Must Try

22 August 2016
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Everyone knows the old standards: turkey, pork, chicken, and beef. Did you know that there's an entire world of meats out there that are not only delicious, but in some cases healthier than some of the traditional meats you have come to know and love? Many of these interesting, non-traditional meats are wild game meats. Make your way to your local butcher shop and see if they stock any of these delicious, non-traditional meats.


Although you can find this meat in the deep south – usually in Louisiana and served breaded and deep fried – you might be surprised to find that it is actually an incredibly healthy, lean meat when served in other, less fatty ways. Alligator, when served sliced or baked, is usually compared to pork. The tail is also a choice and interesting cut. This part of the beast is considerably more tender and a bit fattier than the rest of its body, giving the meat a texture and flavor that is akin to veal.


Bison is quickly becoming a well known meat. This is due to the fact that it is considered a healthier alternative to beef and has a taste that is incredibly similar. It contains less saturated fat, but more omega-3 fats, which makes it a bit superior to beef when it comes to nutritional value. To top it off, bison has significantly less calories. Although a bit more expensive than beef, since that bison farms are far more rare than cow farms, many people consider the flavor to be richer and even a bit sweeter, and so they consider it well worth the added price.


Goat is a healthier, more sustainable alternative than that of beef or pork, both meats that goat is often compared to. It is far more sustainable than either of these animals due to the fact that goats are grass fed and do not have to consume grain. Its taste is often considered a much less "buttery" version of beef, but goat also has an innate spiciness to the meat which beef lacks. If you're a fan of bold, hearty flavors, then goat might be the meat for you.

Although some of these flavors might confuse some regional palates at first, after a few bites, you might find yourself falling in love with the taste of a meat you would have never imagined yourself ever trying.