9 Tips for Maintaining a Frymaster

31 March 2015
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Once your restaurant's frymaster is installed, it is important that you maintain it. Maintenance can sometimes be a daily task that will require the help of everyone who works within your restaurant's kitchen. Here are some tips for maintaining your restaurant's fryer. 

  1. Clean the exterior daily. Oil splatters need to be removed because they could accumulate and trickle onto the floor. As a result, the safety of employees is put at risk. It also helps to maintain the cosmetic appearance of your fryers.
  2. Scrub the element. The element at the bottom of the fryer can burn out. Food crumbs attached to it can speed up the process. When you change the oil, scrub the element and the walls of the fryer to remove the food crumbs. 
  3. Wash the fry baskets. At the end of each day, remove the fry baskets and wash them to remove food crumbs. Allow the baskets to completely dry before replacing them. 
  4. Filter the oil. To extend the life of your cooking oil and maintain the integrity of the fryer, filter the oil. Ideally, the oil should be filtered on a daily basis for the best results. 
  5. Inspect the fryer every two months. Check the fittings of the fryer and search for leaks. At least once a year, have it professionally inspected.
  6. Use certified frymaster parts. When a repair is needed, only use products that are certified fro the fryer. The certified parts have been tested to ensure that they are sound and will work best with your fryers.
  7. Change the oil when necessary. Even though you and your staff are filtering the oil on a regular basis, you still need to change the oil. The oil should be changed when it becomes dark brown. 
  8. Boil out the fryers. Once every three months, the fryers need to be boiled out. Drain the oil from it, fill it with a mild cleanser and warm water, and put it on a low setting to simmer. While it is simmering, scrub it with a long-handled brush.
  9. Respect recommended temperatures. Your frymaster came with recommended cooking times. Observing those can not only help you avoid burning food, but also extend the life of your fryer.

Frymasters are built to last a considerable amount of time. The better you care for your fryer, the longer it will last. In addition to observing these rules, pay close attention to those provided by the manufacturer.